Our Story:
"Marietta, GA - Union Chapel UMC - first building.  Page Street building destroyed in 1971. No longer standing. Parsonage is on right........"
Our History, Our Pride
“This shall be written down for future generations, and a people yet unborn shall praise the Lord.” 
Psalms 102:18
Union Chapel had its beginnings in a series of prayer meetings in a little red cabin on Johnson Street in Cobb County.  It was founded by Rev. White, Bro. James Bowen, Bro. Nathan Jackson and Sis. Maria Braxton.
The first building was constructed on Page Street by Bro. John Braxton under the direction of Rev. Winn, with the first one hundred dollars donated by a dental technician.  Construction was begun around 1890.
 In celebration of the South being reunited with the Union after the Civil War, Union Chapel was the name chosen by Mrs. Maria Braxton.  Besides the church school and regular Sunday worship, a mission school, with the aid of volunteers from the Episcopal Church of the city was conducted on Sunday afternoons for the children and youth of the community.  Truly, it was a place where they learned about Jesus and His love for all humanity.